Black Friday

15% off a TV

20%, 30%, 40%, Buy one, get one, limited edition, first release, for a limited time only, ONE DAY SALE, pre-holiday special, specialty item, luxury item, deluxe, premier, state-of-the-art, NEW, better, faster, smaller, bigger, MORE.

You’re not good enough if you can’t afford it, so borrow it! Fantastic terms- only 25% interest, and a $50 late fee, plus a convenience fee when you pay us back! But you’ll have what you want, and that will make you a more satisfied human being.

Oh, look! There’s a newer version of the thing you just borrowed money to buy, and now yours is worth half of what you paid. Too bad for you! But if you roll-over your debt for this new purchase, you too can have the newest and the best!





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